4 Common Window Repairs

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Windows are an important part of any home, and you may need to make repairs from time to time. Here's a closer look at the common window repairs you may need.

Replacing Broken Glass 

The most common window repair is replacing broken glass, which can be caused by anything from a stray baseball to severe weather. The process for replacing the broken glass is fairly straightforward but best left to the professionals. The window and frame must be removed so the broken glass can be removed and replaced. If you have older windows with single-pane glass, you may be able to purchase a new piece at the hardware store. However, most newer, insulated glass needs to be specially ordered direct from the manufacturer.

Broken Seal

If your windows are foggy or have condensation between the panes, it's likely that you have a broken seal. A broken window seal occurs when the gap between two pieces of glass becomes compromised over time due to heat, cold, or pressure. Because of this breach in the gap, air can seep in or out of the window, causing problems such as condensation build-up and drafts.

Typically, a broken seal is a window repair that requires replacement instead of repair. However, there are some residential window repair companies that can make the repair using advanced tools and window repair techniques.


While not necessarily a window repair, the weatherproofing around your window can deteriorate with age and need to be replaced. Weatherproofing includes any sealant, caulking, or other protective material that you may have around the exterior window frame. Over time, these materials can loosen and crack, allowing water and air to enter your home. By inspecting your window frames annually, you can spot any issues and replace any weatherproofing that needs to be updated.

Replacing Damaged Hardware 

The third most common window repair is replacing damaged hardware like locks or hinges. This kind of damage usually happens over time due to normal wear and tear but can also happen if something impacts them directly, like an errant baseball. Depending on what kind of hardware needs replacement, you may have to do some research about which parts work best for your particular windows. Once you have identified the right parts, you will need a screwdriver or other appropriate tools to replace them properly.  

This same technique works when you want to upgrade your window hardware for safety, aesthetics, or weather-related concerns.

Windows are an important part of any home and require regular maintenance for them to remain functional and efficient for years down the road. Knowing how to handle common window repairs can help homeowners.

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