Portable Options & Features In Lighting Control Systems

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The lights in your home can make a big difference in visuals, moods, and everyday access. A lighting control system can change the way you use lights and set up different themes for the house. You may want dim lights in the morning or turn on landscape lights at night. Along with wall switches and controls, you have portable options to control the lights.

Check out some of the portable options available and how quick access can transform the way you use a lighting control system.

Car Visor Controls

When you pull into your driveway, instantly change the lights on the interior and exterior of your home with a car visor control panel. Car visor controls can operate the landscape lighting on your home. For example, you could have a "walkway" setting that turns on lights for your home's walkway and front door area.

You could also use the panel to turn on interior lights. For example, you could turn on the living room and kitchen lights to have full illumination when you enter the home.

Tabletop Keypads

Along with wall access, consider a tabletop keypad in the home. You can set the portable keypad anywhere and have full access to light controls. For example, you could set up a keypad right next to your bed and have access to lights in the morning. Turn on a low-light setting in the morning and enjoy dim lights as you slowly wake up.

You could also set up a keypad in a home theater. When you watch movies or TV, you could have a lights-out setting that shuts off all the lights. If you want to see snacks or drinks, then you can have a dim light setting. Backlights built into the keypad buttons allow you to easily the options and press the exact setting you need.

App Downloads

Many lighting systems will work with Wi-Fi connections and allow you to control the lights through a smartphone. With smartphone access, you can easily turn lights on from anywhere in the home. For example, after you shower, you could use an app to turn on lights in a hallway or a walk-in closet.

An app also gives you access to advanced features. You could set timers for specific lights or see if you left any lights on. Easily control the lights and make changes as you need.

Look into all of the portable options available when you choose a lighting control system design for your home. Talk to a lighting professional to learn more about your options, including Lutron lighting control systems