Beyond Mowing: Other Spring Grass Services to Consider

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Each Spring, rain and sunshine cause the grass to start growing rapidly. If you rely on a lawn care service, you will want them to come out more often to mow during the spring. But mowing is not the only service your yard can benefit from in the springtime. Here are a few other grass services you may want to consider this spring.

Pre-emergent weed treatments.

Usually, grass does well first thing in the spring, and you don't see a lot of weeds. But the weeds start creeping in a few weeks later once the sunshine and rain are more limited. Grass does not thrive in these conditions, which gives weeds a chance to sprout and take over. You can prevent this by having a pre-emergent weed treatment applied to your yard in the spring. This type of weed treatment will prevent weed seeds from germinating. It's a lot easier to have your yard pre-treated for weeds than to get rid of weeds once they've sprouted.


Do you see little bits of grass growing up around your pavers, sidewalk, driveway, or other hardscaping elements? This tends to happen in the spring when the grass is in its fast-growth cycle. A landscaping company can perform a service called edging. They'll not only trim back the grass that's growing over the hardscaping, but they will also push any soil back to create more of a barrier. You can edge a lawn with a shovel, but landscaping companies have machines that do this a lot more easily.

Sprinkler installation.

In the spring, most people don't need to water their lawns too much. However, once summer arrives, you will likely need to water the lawn. You can prepare ahead by having a lawn care company come install some sprinklers on your lawn in the springtime. They can put the sprinklers in places where they'll be protected from foot traffic and machinery. This way, when the watering season does arrive, you can water all of your grass simply by turning on a knob. There are even automated sprinkler systems that will turn on and off every day on the same schedule.

Having your lawn mowed in the spring is really important since this is when it's growing its fastest. However, you should also consider having sprinklers installed, having your lawn edged, and having a pre-emergent weed killer spread. These services will serve your lawn well in the months to come.