A Quick Guide To Understanding Common Issues With Your Residential Windows And Glass

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As a homeowner, it is important to be aware of common problems with your windows and their glass and how to correct those issues. For instance, you may not know that dry rot and jammed sashes can often be repaired for much less than what it could to replace the window. However, if you have insulated windows and you can see moisture between the layers of glass, you are likely to need to replace it. The following information will help you to gain a better understanding of specific situations when you should repair and when you should replace a window or its glass.

Becoming Familiar With Dry Rot 

It will first be necessary to understand that dry rot of the window is a common occurrence, and a qualified window expert will often be able to remove and repair the damaged portions. This is particularly true if you happen to live in a historical home, since those windows are often easy to separate for repair. Dry rot happens as the result of water entering the frame around the window. If the water lingers, dry rot becomes obvious and can eventually damage the frame itself. Treating dry rot and jammed sashes, as mentioned below, are usually a much more affordable option than replacing the window. 

Understanding Jammed Sashes

Jammed sashes can make it harder to open and close the windows. A bit of wax from the bottom of a candle can temporarily treat the issue, but you should speak with your window experts to determine why it jams. A damaged sash can typically be repaired, but repeatedly forcing a jammed sash to open can cause the glass to shatter, in which case you will probably need to replace the glass itself.

If there are multiple windows throughout the home that display similar problems with jammed sashes, it is possible that it is due to an issue with the foundation. While repairing the issue is important, you should also check with a foundation repair issue to determine what an underlying cause might be if you have it in more than one window. 

Knowing What A Problem With Your Insulated Glass Looks Like

Insulated glass features two or more pieces of glass with a layer of gas or a vacuum between them. Its goal is to prevent heat transfer, thus helping to keep the room at a more comfortable temperature. When that layer of insulation has been damaged, water and heat can then enter and leave the area. As a result, if you see that type of damage, you should immediately have the glass replaced.  

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