Hardwood Flooring And Your Décor

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Hardwood is one of the most luxurious flooring options. The planks feature the natural graining pattern from the wood, giving your floor visual interest. The colors generally warm up the palette of the room or provide a base neutral. However, choosing flooring and décor that complement each other can be a little tricky. Show off the beauty of your hardwood flooring with your décor.

Distressed and Rustic

Believe it or not, the timeworn look of distressed hardwood is actually a sought after finish. Distressing hardwood is generally a five-step process that enhances knot holes and rasp marks. The overall effect is rustic, as Home and Garden TV points out. You could further the rustic theme with farmhouse style furniture and décor. Alternatively, consider creating a counterpoint with pretty florals and the geometric lines typical of modern style.

Soft Edging for a Dark Wood

Hardwood flooring can be finished with a dark stain. It's even possible to have the wood ebonized with a black finish that still shows off the grain pattern. However, as with the rustic hardwood, complementary styles can be attractive. In this case, match décor with soft edges to this floor. For example, look for overstuffed sofas and chairs as well as tables with rounded edges. Likewise, include lots of textiles in your décor for a softening effect.

Ebonized Hardwood on the Wild Side

Another way to go with ebonized hardwood flooring is to use it as the basis for exotic decorating. In fact, safari-style décor is very attractive with ebonized hardwood flooring. For example, lay a faux animal skin rug on the floor, and top it with richly colored furniture. Add exotic accent pieces and throw pillows. Finish the look with large plants that hint at the wildness of the jungle.

Modern Maple

Ebonized hardwood goes well with modern décor as well. However, if you want to keep your modern style from looking too industrial, consider a warm maple hardwood as your base. Maple offer subtle graining, and it's often stained a deep red-brown. Add the classic black-and-white palette to your rooms for a complementary and beautiful effect.

Mixed Woods

You're not supposed to mix denim with other denim, so you may think this applies to wood. In fact, it's good to mix – but not match. So, if you have a warm red oak hardwood floor installed, consider adding wooden furniture in a cool tone. If you don't want opposites, select a tone from the hardwood, and choose a different wood that features this same tone in its graining. It's also possible to choose the same hardwood but with different stains and finishes.