The Benefits Of Indoor Plants For Physical And Psychological Health

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While the aesthetic appeal of indoor plants in your office environment is the most obvious benefit, there are also substantial health benefits as well as productivity and attendance enhancements that should be considered.

The ability to create an air-tight building that keeps outdoor pollution from entering a building and lowers energy costs is a double edged sword, because it also traps contaminants that are generated inside the building. This enables the negative effects of these contaminants to multiply and spread as they accumulate and recirculate in the indoor air supply.

What is Sick Building Syndrome?

Sick Building Syndrome refers to a variety of health issues that occur to occupants of a specific building. Symptoms may include allergic skin reactions, respiratory issues, and a host of other non-specific problems. The intensity of the symptoms increases with the amount of time spent either in a specific area or the entire building.

Psychological effects can include inability to concentrate and changes in personality, which often gradually dissipate along with physical symptoms when victims leave the indoor environment.

What types of chemical contaminants create health problems in office environments?

What kinds of biological agents can be found in tightly sealed buildings?

Because these buildings allow little air to flow in and out, humidity buildup in air recirculating systems and dehumidifiers can cause mold growth and mold spores to be circulated throughout a building. 

Poorly ventilated buildings can also increase the spread of airborne viral and bacterial infections that are brought into the building by recirculating contaminated air.

How can plants help to improve indoor air quality?

Plants absorb indoor pollutants through both their foliage and their root systems. In fact, the roots may play an equal or greater role than the foliage in trapping and absorbing contaminants from the surrounding air.

How can an interior plant company provide these benefits to their maximum potential?

A company that specializes in the installation and maintenance of indoor plant systems is familiar with the plants that are most effective in removing specific contaminants from the air. They can also design systems that are aesthetically pleasing and complementary to the work space.

Scheduled maintenance of indoor plant systems is also required to keep them healthy in a challenging indoor environment. Just as humans can be made ill from staying in a closed artificial environment, plants can also be affected and need to be kept healthy to fulfill their full potential.

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