Where To Find Repurposed Items For Industrial Farmhouse Garden Art

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If you adore your garden and spend many hours caring for it and planning for the next season, one thing is for certain: it can cost money to maintain. Because of this, you're likely always looking for ways to shave a few dollars off from your gardening budget. One of the hottest new design trends in outdoor gardening is industrial farmhouse chic. Utilizing old pieces of metal and rusty parts to create new items is a popular way to display art in your garden or yard. But incorporating art such as wind chimes and garden décor can become costly. Here are just a few places in which you can find items to repurpose and give them a new home in your garden.

Metal Scrap Yard

Scoping out the garden art and front porch areas of some of the busiest antique and salvage shops across the country will give you an idea of how popular the industrial farmhouse chic design really is. It mixes old pieces of metal, including steel and copper, to transform a piece into a functioning piece of décor such as a wind chime or a planter for holding brightly colored geraniums and flowering kale. You can create the same look for less by scouring metal scrap yards or stores which sell repurposed pieces of metal. If you have the right equipment such as a metal cutter and welder, you can repurpose the metal and transform it into art pieces you can use to display on your porch or in garden beds.

Farm Property

Contacting property owners who have old windmills and barns that need to be scrapped is a great way to find pieces to replant in your own garden. Metal brackets and old barn wood can be salvaged to create new pieces of garden art. Broken windmills can be added to another platform or welded to a garden stake to being back new life to the piece. Create a new wind chime by adding pieces of metal to the mill to create soothing sounds.


Scoping out the items at local auctions is another good way to find pieces for wind chimes and other garden art projects. Many times auctions sell broken industrial pieces such as old vents and wind turbines that you can take apart and make into a wind chime or art piece. Unique antique pieces including chicken feeders and pieces of galvanized metal may go unnoticed by many. If you feel you can take these pieces and repurpose them, you can save hundreds of dollars as opposed to buying a wind chime or finished art piece at a specialty garden center.

Thrift Stores And Tag Sales

Check out your local neighborhood thrift store whenever you get a chance. Here you can find a lot of glasses and metal silverware pieces that you can use to make chimes. You may even be able to find some cheap wind chimes for sale at a tag or garage sale. While you can add these to your industrial garden art display, you can also take them apart and use them for parts on a future project.

The industrial farmhouse look mixes old industrial pieces and barn wood items to create a unique and welcoming look anywhere on your property.