Why Seamless Gutters Are A Good Choice For Your Home

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If you're looking into various types of rain gutters for your home, be sure to check out the seamless option. Seamless rain gutters offer advantages over sectional gutters, so they are worth the extra expense. The main benefit is they don't have seams, so they don't leak. Here's what you need to know.  

Seamless Gutters Need Less Maintenance

The seams are the weakest parts of a gutter system. When you have sectional gutters installed, you need to perform maintenance by applying sealant on the seams every few years to keep them tight. If rain is allowed to leak through the seams, you could develop a variety of problems, including a wet basement or foundation damage. Seamless gutters totally eliminate the need for seam repairs. You'll still have to clean leaves out of them, but if you use gutter screens or guards, you can save yourself some work in that area too. The screens allow water to flow through, but they block out debris that can clog up the troughs.

Seamless gutters are usually made from aluminum, which never rusts. That means they'll need less maintenance than steel sectional gutters that eventually develop ugly rust spots. The aluminum used to make the gutters has dye pigments added to it rather than having color painted on. Therefore, you'll never have to worry about painting your gutters either.

Seamless Gutters Require Professional Installation

These gutters are made on the spot to custom-fit your house. That's why you'll need to call a gutter contractor to install the gutters for you. If you buy steel, aluminum, or vinyl sectional gutters at the home improvement store and install them yourself, you have to cut the pieces into the right lengths for your home. With a seamless system, the contractor drives a truck to your home that contains rolls of aluminum gutter material. You pick the color you want, and it is extruded through a machine to the correct width and length that you need. The only place the gutters are joined together is where they turn around corners, or attach to a downspout. Otherwise, the gutters are one continuous piece of aluminum down the length of your home. This not only eliminates seam leaks, it makes the gutters more attractive.

Plus, a loose seam not only allows rain to leak through, it can cause your gutter to sag. When the pitch of a gutter trough changes, then water won't flow through like it should. While you can't install them and forget about them, you can at least eliminate seam concerns when you have seamless gutters installed (by professionals, such as those from Rainbow Gutter Co). They offer better protection for your home, especially if you're lax about keeping up with home improvement projects.