What To Look For When Buying A Portable Air Conditioner

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Staying cool in the summer can be a challenge if you don't have the luxury of a central air conditioning system installed at home. Instead of relying only on a ceiling fan or cracking open windows to stay cool, consider the benefits of purchasing a portable air conditioner. In order for you to be entirely happy with your purchase, consider the following important features you should be looking for.

Cooling Output

In order for a room to be cooled down with the use of a portable air conditioner, it's important that you choose a model that's suitable for the size of the room. To calculate the British Thermal Unit (BTU) for a room, you'll need to consider the square footage of the room first. With this information in mind, you can browse through air conditioners that will be appropriate for the room you'll be using it in.

Power Usage

Along with considering how much cooling can be produced by a portable AC unit, it's a good idea to consider how much energy it will use. While you can expect a portable unit to consume less energy than a central air conditioning system, it's still helpful to look into buying a unit that's labeled as energy-efficient so that your electricity bills won't rise significantly.

Ease of Portability

One of the main benefits of buying a portable air conditioner is the ability to move the unit from room to room, as needed. In order for you to find a unit that will serve this purpose best, look into buying a unit with wheels or a top handle so that it can be relocated as you see fit.

Smart Design for the Room

The sizes and shapes of portable air conditioners can differ greatly, making it a good idea to look into choosing a model that makes sense for the dimensions of a room.

In a room with tall ceilings, for example, you may want to choose an air conditioning unit that will circulate air much higher than other models. Some units can even rotate from side to side, allowing for cooler air to be distributed much more efficiently.

Maintenance Required

In order for you to be entirely happy with the unit in the months to come, you'll need to look into the amount of maintenance involved. From the frequency of needing to change the air filter to cleaning out the interior periodically, the maintenance expected can make a big difference in your satisfaction with the unit. You could talk with a place like Florida Radon & Mold & Air Conditioning LLC to learn more about the maintenance requirements for the unit you choose. 

As you browse through your choices of portable air conditioners, it's crucial that you consider what will be the most effective for your needs. By remaining patient in your search, you'll be able to end up with a unit that will keep you cool throughout the summer.