4 Tips For Making A Room Feel More Spacious

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If you are decorating your house you probably a looking to make it look bigger and more open. If you have a small space it can easily feel crowded. Luckily, there are some simple things that you or a company like Jackson Interior Design & Furnishing Company can do to decorate a room to make it look and feel like the room is bigger and more spacious than it actually is. Here are a couple tips.

1. Bring The Eyes Up

One easy way to make the room look taller and bigger is to bring the eyes up. The furniture in the room is most likely right around waist level. This is why you need to bring the eyes up with art, decoration and color. Some people choose to put wallpaper or color on the ceiling. Another way it so put molding, shelving or pictures higher on the walls. The more you can encourage the people in the room to keep their eyes at face level, or higher, the bigger the room will appear.

2. Use Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to open up the space. By putting a mirror in a hallway, or in a small space that might feel enclosed, you can open it up.

You don't want to do a full-length mirror in a family room. Usually those are better in a bedroom or bathroom. However, you can use a portrait mirror that will help to open up the space and keep the room looking spacious.

3. Use Bigger Decorative Items

Some decorators call this the cantaloupe principle. It means that in a small room you shouldn't use any pieces of decoration that are smaller than a cantaloupe. The bigger the items the less cluttered the room will feel. Thus, choose vases, pictures, books and plants that are bigger. This means that you will probably use fewer items, and that is okay. It will help the room feel less cluttered and more open.

4. Move The Furniture Away From The Walls

As a general rule you should keep the furniture away from the walls. Even though it might feel like that is the best way to utilize the small space, if you just have a little space between the furniture and the wall it will give the illusion that the room is more spacious than it is.

By following these simple suggestions you can be sure to give your room the feeling that it is bigger and more spacious than it really is.