How To Use Patio Cover Lighting To Enhance The Decor Of Your Patio

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Placing a patio in your backyard is one of the best ways to establish a space in your yard that can be used for relaxation and entertainment. Patios can be built to suit your sense of style and to match your personal tastes. One great way to enhance the décor of your patio is to add lighting to your patio covers. Here are a few tips for using patio cover lighting to enhance your patio.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lights can be mounted directly into the ceiling of the patio to give you the perfect amount of light for reading, relaxing with the entire family or entertaining guests. Recessed lights are also perfect for those times when you want to barbeque at night. You can get creative with your recess lights by installing them so that they form shapes such as triangles, rectangles, squares or circles. Consider adding a dimmer to your recessed lights, so that you can change the ambience of your patio as you see fit.

Use Lanterns

You can mount lanterns on the posts that support your patio cover, or you can hang lanterns on the edges of your patio cover. Lanterns add an old-fashioned and cozy feeling to the décor of your patio and will usually provide adequate lighting for nighttime relaxation or entertainment. You can choose to use solar lanterns or electrical lanterns depending on which option you find more convenient.

Install A Ceiling Fan With Lights

A ceiling fan with lights can be used on your patio to provide the perfect amount of illumination for an outdoor dining table or seating area. In addition to providing lighting, a ceiling fan with lights is great for cooling down a patio on those summer days when there is little or no wind blowing to cool down your patio.

Use Pepper Lights

Pepper lights can be used to decorate your patio ceiling. These lights are easy to install and can be strung from one end of your patio ceiling to the next. Pepper lights come in different colors, so you can use them to create whatever kind of ambience you want with the lighting. Pepper lights are a great option for quick lighting, especially if you are entertaining outdoors.

Installing patio lighting is one of the best ways to ensure that you can use your patio at night either for your own relaxation or for entertaining friends and family.