Gardening Tips For Beginners: Planning Ahead For Spring Planting

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Are you thinking about planting a garden? Have you been wondering how to get started and the first steps for doing so? Enjoying a great harvest is easier when you are armed with these beginner tips. If you worry about the areas available in your landscape, consulting a landscape professional is a good way to learn more about the best areas to plant.

Preparing The Ground For Your Garden

One of the most important aspects of preparing soil for your garden plants is enriching it with nutritious organic matter. The following step by step instructions are helpful for soil preparation:

Starting From Seed

Some of your favorite vegetables and fruits can be started from seed indoors during the last few weeks of winter. Fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers and squash can seeded inside in soil cups. When starting from seed, bear in mind the time after the last frost is essential for allowing seedling plants enough to mature. For this reason, starting seeds indoors at least six to eight weeks before the last front in early spring is necessary.

The Vegetables And Fruits You Prefer

An important part of planning ahead for your spring garden is deciding which kinds of fruits and vegetable will be best for you. Sitting down and drawing out a map of your garden space can help a lot when you are deciding what you are going to plant. Measure the pace you have to work with and draw out a map of it. Map out your plan using a certain color for each variety of fruit or vegetable you want to plant. 

Visiting Your Local Feed And Seed Store

If you do not favor the idea of starting your plants from seed, you can purchase seedlings at your local gardening center or feed and seed store. Plants like tomatoes and many varieties of peppers are available as strong, healthy seedlings, ready to plant in your garden. However, if you are short on time, hiring a professional to prepare and plan your garden is the best to have one you can be proud of all summer long.

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