Aluminum Storefronts: Make A Wise Choice & Help The Environment

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Installing aluminum storefronts may be a wise choice. Aluminum may not be the most natural resource, like wood, but it does help the environment and you in more ways than one. The following guide will highlight the benefits of aluminum and help you choose the best type of storefront.

Aluminum Storefronts Will Not Hurt The Environment

One of the biggest competitors for aluminum is vinyl. Vinyl is just as anti-corrosive as aluminum, yet vinyl is usually cheaper. But vinyl is not eco-friendly for 2 reasons: the first reason is that vinyl is not as recyclable as aluminum. Aluminum can be made from up to 60 percent of recycled aluminum and still be strong.

The second reason deals with how it's manufactured. Manufacturing vinyl hurts the environment because of several toxic and sometimes carcinogenic byproducts created during its production. The manufacturing of vinyl creates chemicals, like ethyline dichloride and vinyl chloride that will harm smaller creatures and some plant life. This will, of course, continue to infect larger creatures once they eat the contaminated creatures or plants. 

Talk to your aluminum storefront installation specialist about the amount of recycled aluminum you need for your project. 

You Will Have Durability Without Worries

Aluminum can resist corrosion just like vinyl and wood-- that much is true. But wood does require costly maintenance for several reasons, like retouching the finishing you might choose. And this has to be done frequently if you live in a place that experiences harsher weather conditions. Remember that wood may also attract insects and such. Thankfully, aluminum neither attracts insects, nor does it require maintenance for at least a year.

Vinyl can be a problem, too, if you live in harsh conditions. Vinyl has the tendency to warp, shrink and even crack under harsh weather pressures. This will no doubt cost you a lot of money to fix. But you do not have to worry about that with aluminum because it is a metal that resists all weather conditions. 

A Few Perks To Consider

The following are a few perks that you might not have thought about before:

As you can see, there are several reasons to consider aluminum. You have the knowledge; the choice is now yours. Contact a company like Glasshopper Schor Glass for more information.